Your spine is the pillar of all your health.

Romualdo Marcilio established the Physical Rehabilitation Clinic in 2015 at Willesden Medical Centre, Willesden Green in London. The practice aims to build upon the practitioner’s outstanding reputation and experience.

Romualdo Marcilio is an internationally acclaimed Physical Therapist with over 30 years of experience. Multi language speaker, Romualdo has used a holistic approach, dedicating all his knowledge treating and educating adults and children in many different languages, to assured that the patient understand what is necessary to be done at home to help accelerate the recovery process.

He is passionated in helping people, particularly those who has injuries resulted from accidents and sports, because of that many of his patient are professional athletes.

His clinic, the Physical Rehabilitation Clinic at Willesden Green – London, offer cutting edges treatments such as TECAR therapy, shortwaves, traction table, manipulative techniques, acupuncture, electro therapy as well as spine manipulation, nutrition and psychology.

Registered with the Associação Nacional de Quiropraxia, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, British Complementary Medicine Association, Association of Physical and Natural Therapists and Society of Mesotherapy of United Kingdom.